Critique by JT

Some of the key things I observe while first glancing at this gallery of photos, is the contrasting ideas and or placements of certain objects. This ideas are formed through the suddle work of editing yet stand out so strongly within the image its self (it brings the viewers attention towards it as it is different from the norm). To further illustrate, in each of his photos, I am subconsciously drawn towards things that either catch my eye through pure attraction or things that simply surprise my conscious view as it differs from the social norm.

The composition and use of color contrast seems to really allow viewers to gravitate towards his desired subject of focus. Furthermore, not only do these contrasting ideas and objects bring attention to them selves, but they also stand out through the use of color and saturated differences that allots the viewer to notice it first.

When provided with the theme of contrasting ideas and things that stand out from the norm, we as humans instantly take notice of our first assumption and go with that, however, I see things in an alternative way. I view these pieces all to work together to accumulate one goal, and to the best of my ability, I have deciphered this goal to be that of change. Change in time (time on Mountain View), change in perspectives (boy with different head), and change from our norm (trashcan). I see these as pieces with contrasting ideas that do not impose a good from wrong, but instead remind us of where we are at now and what we can work towards, however, all work comes with time and thats exactly what he represents as well.


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