10 x 10 Presentations

Project 4:  Experimenting with Live Animation (Tagtool)

Project 3:  Free-Choice Theme
Project 2:  Interactive Manoa Project

Students created interactive webpages that feature sound recordings, original drawings, and animations.  Viewers are invited to search for interactive elements on each page to learn about the unique history of Manoa Valley on Oahu, Hawaii.  Unique buttons will load different pages, graphics, and/or play audio recordings.

A little note before you explore, there are known web and audio programming issues. If you run into looping audio, return to the homepage and begin again.  This is a work-in-progress as interactive animation and web development fundamentals are being developed.

A special thank you to Manoa Heritage Center (MHC), MHC Director of Education, Jenny Engle, and our docent Leslie Turnbull.

Web Production Credits (w/direct links to their pages)

Homepage:  Summer C.
Heiau:  Rell U.
Heiau-Photo:  Brandon T.
Garden Sketch:  Sophia C.
Garden Animation:  Bryce C.
Garden with Historic Home-Photo:  JTK
Historic Home:  Kristen
Historic Home:  Jenny X.
Audio Producer:  Liza T.

Project 1:  Free-Choice Theme


20×20 Presentations