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WCIT Architecture
Rob Iopa, Danny Kanekuni, Mark Higa, Reuben Chock

Studio Visit on November 15

Brady Evans

Illustrator and Painter

“Brady Evans is an artist and illustrator born, raised, and working in Honolulu, Hawaii. With a strong interest in manga and other forms of sequential imagery and storytelling, Evans’ work is often narrative and explores themes that include death, humor, and our place in the natural and supernatural worlds.”

Tim Hyunh


“In Hawaii, it’s common to find pictures of our majestic mountain ranges or glistening beaches. Street photography is underrepresented here as an art form. Knowing this Tim still attempts to defy all that’s beautiful (and typical) in Hawaii to showcase the raw and gritty of photos of ‘the street.'”

For class discussion:

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Justin White

Illustrator and Graphic Artist





Elisa Chang

Elisa Chang


“A longstanding fascination with the mythic allure of Hawaii and an obsession with the imagined stories of strangers led me to photograph visitors in Waikiki for the past five years. People and landscape come together to create my vision of contemporary Waikiki– at once strange, contemplative, curious, wandering and familiar