On The Road of Life


Critique by Brandon

Some descriptions of Jenny’s accordion book are the gradient of colors from black and white to 100% color. Another description of her project is the diversity between people and their culture. I see that the gradient of colors really help some of the pictures stand out from the rest. I realized that most of the pictures had people in them to show that everyone is doing their own thing, and that no two people do the same thing everyday.

while looking at each individual picture alone, I realized that most of them had a center is interest meaning there was something in the middle of the photo that draws the eyes of many. Color is a big factor in attracting peoples attention, for example the black and white photo of the building is a really nice touch that makes that photo a more attractive shot. Also the last two pictures are full of color making the audience more attracted to the photos.

I think she was trying to portray the different cultures and people through her photographs. Also there was a mix of themes behind most of these photos. For example, some of the pictures represented really busy streets and beaches, and the other half showed the calm, relaxing, and empty scenery. There was also a contrast of agriculture and structural design that took place in her artwork. I noticed a reddish tint of the first couple of photographs and was wondering if that was intentional or not.

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