In Space

I see a cave in front of the full view of space. There is a desaturated maroon colored mountain on the bottom right side. The sky is dark blue with a large planet illuminating it, along with two moons of the right side of the picture glowing as well. There are faded stars in the sky as well. I can see that the pictures chosen for inspiration were used to create the artwork.

The creator create a center of interest by using desaturated colors in the less important area, and uses more vibrant/saturated colors for the area desired to grab your attention. The color impacts where you look at the painting because if something is very dark, then details are more likely to get lost but for something more bright, details are more easy to spot and focus on.

I think that this drawing means loneliness because of the colors used and the open space in the picture. I think this because the majority of objects in this drawing are desaturated, giving a darker vibe to it.

Some successes that this drawing has were grabbing my attention, creating a starry sky, and creating a nice glow to the planes. Some issues in the drawing, are that the mountain’s features are a little strange, the caves entrance could be a little more edged instead of smooth, and I feel like there could have been more saturated colors used int he planets so it’d be more vibrant.

By Kristen

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