+Peer Critiques

Project 1 Peer Critique

Critique Assignments:

Liza – Summer
Rell – Kristen
Kristen – Rell
Summer – Liza

Bryce – Sophia
Sophia – Bryce

Brandon – Jenny
JT – Brandon
Jenny – JT

Using Edmund Burke Feldman’s Model of Art Criticism and Terry Barrett’s Principles of Interpretation write a formal art critique about a classmate’s project. Write your critique in basic essay format (Thesis, Body 1-3, Conclusion) with proper grammar.

Post your critique with the image to our class page at www.pueodigital.com.

You (the artist) should not answer the questions for the person writing the critique of your work.

After you post your critique and read the critique written about your work, respond to the critique as a comment to the post on our class webpage. What was something helpful or interesting you read about your work? In what ways can you challenge yourself in your next project for the class?

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