Animation by Bryce C.


a critique by Sophia C.

The title “Bingo” shows that something that was being seeked has now been found. The video depicts an outstretched hand grasping flowers as they appear. The first flower is a bud, the second in bloom, and the third is wilted and dying. 

The style of the art and animation itself is minimalistic, simply being lineart on a white background. The animation is repetitive, the only changing aspects in every repeated sequence is the stage of life that the flower is in. 

I like this simple style, it’s not too complex and it’s easy to follow with only one thing going on at a time.

To me, the flower’s cycle means a metaphor for life. I’m unsure as to how “Bingo” (in the way I think of the word) fits with it, maybe the flower is what the word means, in a way.

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