Body Scan

How are you feeling right now/today?

Draw and cut out a human body form. This month you will draw something that depicts what your current state of mind, body, spirit is in. It can be a word that you animate; it could be a non-representative drawing of colors that you associate with how you feel; it could be a drawing of a physical body part internal/external that you are current experiencing pain in (headache, knee injury, bug bite, etc.)

Last month, we tried 15 minute of journal time every class. This month we will try doing this prompt with a minimum number of drawings due by the end of the month–8 drawings on your body cut-out. You can choose to do them daily in class, or you can list your observations as a note and then spend one or two Mondays to depict these feelings in a larger scale drawing that depicts all those feelings in an original composition. These drawings should be featured in the body cut out and will be displayed with last months expanding arms. It will be display the contrast of fun and thoughtful.

Draw a body outline in similar fashion.

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