Media Art Techniques Level 1-4

Media Art Technique
Level 1-4

This is an MPSA Certificate course designed for media certificate students only. This studio art and seminar course offers serious media art students an opportunity to work with other certificate students at an accelerated pace. Students will explore in-depth techniques in individual areas of interest studying photography, film, documentary, animation, digital illustration, graphic design, mixed media, and new media through portfolio development and practicing curatorial concepts. In addition, students will expand personal creative niches within the context of contemporary art and culture through creative experimentation, short written assignments, and research.

This class will also address aspects of digital art history and theory, including media literacy as it relates to contemporary and global issues. Contemporary art in Hawaii will be explored through artist talks and other learning activities. Students will develop oral communication skills necessary to present their work to the public. At the end of each certificate year, students will have developed a professional portfolio to be used for academic and professional applications.

Project Work Cycles

Week 1

Sketches, Research, Proposals, Advising Meeting, Written Self and Peer Critiques (from previous project cycle), field trips

Week 2 and 3

Studio Time, Advising Check-ins, Mid-Point Presentations, Peer Critiques

Week 4 and 5

Studio Time, Advising Check-ins, Final Submissions

Master Schedule SY18-19

Project 1: Free Choice Theme

Project 2: Nature – Manoa Heritage Center
Confirmed Field Trip Date: Wednesday, 9/26
Note:  Missing Lunch/Chapel and Period 2

Project 3:  Free Choice Theme

Project 4: Man-Made — WCIT Architecture Studio/Guest:  VP D. Kanekuni & AIA Honolulu Architecture
*2 week Winter Break
Confirmed Field Trip Dates:

  1. WCIT Architecture with Guest Artist:  VP D. Kanekuni on Thursday, 11/15 from 9:50-12:30 (missing Period 1 and 3)
  2. AIA Honolulu Architecture Walking Tour on Saturday, 12/8

Project 5:  Free Choice Theme

Project 6:  Nature vs. Man-Made / FT TBD
*2 week Spring Break 4/29-5/17
Portfolio and Exhibition Work