Digital Art – Level 2-3


Level 2 – 4

Advanced level students will explore special topics and develop a personal creative niche with in the realm of digital fine art. Entrepreneurial or community service work will be required for Level 3-4 students.

Current Projects

+Cross-it:  Digital Landscape with Embroidery
+Tiny Worlds: 3D Printed Objects with Succulent Garden
+Mechanical Animals: Laser Cut Objects with LED Lights
+Family Flowers:  Photo Transfer with Fabric Leaves
+Chindogu:  Useful – Useless Inventions — a Documentation
+Installation Art:  Video Art and Projection Mapping

Current Projects
“The scene on the left depicts a girl (me) running up a hill and represents my emotions. In this scene, I’m walking slower and then I get progressively begin to walk faster.  The scene then appears to loop back to myself walking slower.  No matter what happens, I always somehow end up at the bottom of the hill.  The image on the right is of a flower decaying and is intended to mirror the same feelings gathered from the scene playing on the left.  This video represents my personal struggle with feeling unmotivated and the trouble I experience getting back up on my feet again.”
Experimental Film by Maia D.
“My video art piece represents two perspectives from two common human experiences: optimism and pessimism.  This scene depicts the ups and downs of life in a visual metaphor. It shows how life can be monotonous, repetitive, boring, sad (black and white elements) and then can quickly transition to something colorful, vibrant, happy.  There is a glass cup being filled up with water and is blended with the dominate images of circular objects that can move in real life, but in this video are stuck and motionless.  I want the viewer to think about what it means to them about seeing a class half full or empty.” 
Experimental Film by Dane I.
“Half Full/Empty”

“In the last few weeks of the school year, students are under immense stress. Grades are so important to our future, that many strive to finish strong. We sacrifice sleep, mental health, and free time to complete projects and study for exams. Bad grades can demoralize our spirit and can feel our motivation being lost.   S.O.S. (Save our Students) is an experimental film that depicts the final weeks of school from a student’s perspective.”
Experimental Film by Marissa N.
“S.O.S. (Save Our Students)”