Digital Art – Level 1


Level 1

This is the follow-up class to Fundamentals of Digital and Visual Art. Students must be strong visual artists who are interested in studying new forms of storytelling through a wide range of digital art, multimedia, and new media production techniques. Students will explore visual art concepts through the creation of digital 2D art, graphic design, video and animation based artwork, and interactive media via web design.

Advanced level students will explore special topics and develop a personal creative niche with in the realm of digital fine art. Entrepreneurial or community service work will be required for Level 2-4 students.

All levels of this class are expected to participate in class and online discussions and critiques. Written assessments and reflections are assigned regularly.

Graphic Arts

Software:  Adobe Illustrator

Icon and Logo Design
Laser Cut Designs
Stereoscopic 3D


Software:  Adobe Photoshop

Vormator Design Challenge
Landscape and Portraits

Web Fundamentals

Software:  Text Wrangler, FTP Client, Adobe Dreamweaver

Interactive Animation and Web

Sequential Art

Software:  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

Motion Graphic Animation
Visual Effects
Video Art/Experimental Film

Life Elements
Icon Design
Fall 2018

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