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MAT Artist Talks – Fall 2016

29 November 2016
Tim Huynh
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Civil Beat Photo Essays:

Photo Series by Tim Huynh

Photo Series by Tim Huynh

Tim Huynh is a photographer who is inspired by Hawaii’s natural beauty but prefers to capture the raw, candid moments of life in Honolulu through street photography.

25 October 2016
Brady Evans
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San and Ashitaka by Brady Evans

San and Ashitaka, 2014
By Brady Evans

I see drawing as a language in which records of events and emotions are captured in some way. I hope that through the act of drawing, such diverse sensations like the casual pondering over a distant memory or the passing of a wandering shadow can not only be recorded but perhaps be made to speak things when it normally would’ve been kept silent. – Brady Evans

MAT Artist Talks – Spring 2016

19 January 2016

Elisa Chang

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Elisa Chang. ‘Untitled #28.’ Digital photo printed on Fuji Pearl Paper

Artist statement: A longstanding fascination with the mythic allure of Hawai‘i and an obsession with the imagined stories of strangers led me to photograph visitors in Waikīkī for the past five years. People and landscape come together to create my vision of contemporary Waikīkī—at once strange, contemplative, curious, wandering, and familiar. Moving to Hawai‘i at 13, my perspective is that of an insider and outsider. I am inspired by the straightforward and haunting nature of tintypes and the magic, light, and color of old Kodachrome slides. I love the regionalism and American archetypes of Grant Wood. I admire Winogrand’s tireless curiosity of the American spectacle and his seemingly effortless technique. My candid images capture lone figures or couples caught up in the moment and environment, whether internal or physical. Most tourists are unfamiliar and awkward in the ocean, sand, and sun. There is beauty, honesty and vulnerability when defenses are shed and one finally succumbs to vacation.

Source:  Honolulu Museum of Art / Artist of Hawaii 2015

04 April 2016

Justin White
Graphic Design

Artist Website:

“The goal is to try and make commentary on sociopolitical issues– things I see happening in the news.”

In Island Time Machine from PechaKucha Night Honolulu’s 24th Volume, Presenter Culture Shocka gives an eye-catching display of his portfolio. It doesn’t take long to spot the cultural influences in his vibrant work. In an attempt to reduce what could be lost in translation from his mind to yours, he uses a Modern and Minimalist-inspired approach, mixing equal parts Cartooning and Graphic Design.

Source:  PechaKucha 20 x 20 Hawaii