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Immersive Digital Art Landscapes
By Kaylee Tokumi
Original Post:  1/28/16

Equirectangluar Landscape Draft #3

Equirectangular Landscape Test # 1

Immersive Landscape Test

New CanvasI am currently stuck between two ideas for the next project.

My idea for the 3D immersive experience project would be to make a combination between watercolor and digital mediums and create a futuristic, space-like environment. The environment would hopefully give the audience member an eery and empty feeling. The setting would be mostly empty and the area would seem barren, yet there would be small interesting and creative objects that would attract the audience member’s attention. Creating a futuristic and space-like environment, would give me the artistic freedom to create different, possibly unrealistic focal points in my environment, such as two moons or strange types of plant life. The focal points would be painted digitally using a water color brush, which would hopefully make them stand out from the watercolor background.


The second idea I have is more ambitious and might now work as well due to the perspective: a watercolor and digital painting with floating lanterns. The scene would be set in the night to contrast the lanterns that are filling in the sky. This idea would be harder to complete because it would be difficult to place all the lanterns and work with the perspective at the same time. I don’t have any focal points in mind, but most of them would be Asian inspired.

For fun, I enjoy creating stories and one of my stories takes place in a space-like setting and a scene with a lantern. I would love to create a setting that I have pictured many time in my head, which would keep me motivated throughout the project.

Advising Meeting
Ms. Goya

I’m interested in seeing sketches of both ideas.  Kaylee raises a very interesting question about perspective in simulating a 3D environment and would like her to explore experimenting with multi-point perspectives as this project progresses.  Use the frame work of equirectangular images to experiment with the idea of making a 2D composition “immersive.”  How would you design a 2D lanscape with “real” perspective.  How do vanishing points work in a VR environment?  Can immersive 2D images still be interactive?

Equirectangular Digital Art Landscape Test # 1

Immersive Landscape Test

<sub>1st Picture:
Lighting up the Sky. N.d. Thailand. 8 Exceptionally Rare ‘National Geographic’ Photos That Will Stay With You. Web. 31 Jan. 2016. <>.

2nd Picture:
Blowing off a Bit of Steam. N.d. Antarctica’s Mount Erebu. 8 Exceptionally Rare ‘National Geographic’ Photos That Will Stay With You. Web. 31 Jan. 2016. <>.

3rd Picture: 7 Weird Wonders of the Natural World. 2013. 7 Weird Wonders of the Natural World. Web. 31 Jan. 2016. <>.


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