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The Eye: Photo Series

Project Proposal

The Eye:  Photo Series
Project 1 Proposal
By Dani Ujimori

For this project I will be photographing the human eye and changing it into black and white for feel of texture. My goal is to express the differences of texture in multiple people’s eyes and bring out not the color but the feeling. I will also incorporate the portrait and landscape prints by taking different angles of the subject’s eyes creating a different view. Large printing the monochrome eyes will definitely give it a eerie feeling, seeing such a personal and not usually seen up close part of the body exposed in a extremely big format will give the viewer a different feeling. However I do believe that the small regular print can serve as a great piece to showcase as well.

For this shoot I will need multiple subjects, preferably ones of different races to hopefully bring out different textures, contrasts, eyelash and eyebrow shapes, and even the subject’s skin. My Nikon 3200 will serve as the DSLR camera I will be using to photograph.

Advising Notes
Ms. Goya, 2/11

Danni will shoot this weekend and will have a follow-up meeting next week to assess the idea of creating a dyptch or triptych series.

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