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Photo Project Proposal
By Fariha Kazi

For my next project in photography, I would like to focus on portraits of people and their expression. Their expression and body language does play a part in the photograph and it would be important for to know more about this area. Their body language is what sets off the image and how people can know about the image just by viewing it.

I admire her work a lot, and i want to produce photographs that entails. She uses clothing and accessories to also play a factor in the relationship with the body and the mind.

Advising Notes
Ms. Goya, 2/11

After checking in today, Sienna Morales’s photos have similarities to the work Fariha did last semester, so she will now being working on creating a series of Barbara Kruger inspired posters using original images.  I think this will create a challenge for Fariha that will also allow her to utilize Photoshop and improve her compositing skills.


Future project ideas include possible street photography and some social media art projects.


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