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Going Beyond Double Exposures

Project Proposal

Photo Project 1 Proposal
By Erika Monis and Fumi Hata

We will be collaborating for this project by combining two photos together to make a double exposure image.  (see image below)


Fumi will be taking street photography – buildings, streets, signs, etc.

Erika will be taking landscape shots – nature etc.

Advising Notes
Ms. Goya, 2/9/16

After further discussion of Erika and Fumi’s project proposal, they will bring in new images for this project that focuses on symmetrical compositions (Fumi) and new landscape images (Erika).  Then they will see what sort of images they can pair that would have the most compelling visuals utilizing double  and/or multi exposure compositing techniques.

Fumi mentioned her interest in creating images that are staged and finds the more intriguing.  Erika is interested in landscape photography.

I will need to follow-up with Fumi regarding her staged portraits in landscape/site-specific locations.

Pina was already on my mind after meeting with Jordyn, so naturally, I thought Pina’s work was also relevant to Fumi’s task with experimenting with site-specific performance/modeling.  Fumi and Erika are working with still images, but the choreography was designed for the space and for the camera, which can translate well to a still imagery as well.  Experiment with your subjects looking into the camera and not, so you can see what kinds of results occur when the subject acknowledges the camera and or is captured somewhat candidly.

Excerpt from Pina

And Erika, I will need to follow-up with her about new perspectives on the presentation of landscapes–the idea of the panoramic?  What is the perception of landscape photography?  How can you capture landscape elements (foreground, middle ground, background) in a different way?  Can you experiment with framing or possibly its concept?

Erika and Fumi also said they want to experiment with compositing in addition to the double exposure technique.   After looking at Fishy Island by Erik Johansson, this is a possibility.


Fishy Island by Erik Johansson

And finally, I get to talk about John Baldessari and his colored dot series using found film stills.

Erika and Fumi:  research more of his work and read this article by Artspace about Mr. Baldessari.

The dots’ colors also created a tension between the original and the unoriginal, contributing clichéd associations (red = danger, for example) when juxtaposed with their subject matter, and often yielding strange, surreal results.

I am supportive of you idea of utilizing the double exposure technique, but would like you to continue to think about your chosen subject matter pairings (landscape and portraits).  Think about “the space in between is just as important” as your focal points.  What questions or observations can you images inspire?


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