Elisa Chang:  Think, Pair, Share
By Ben Roley and Fumi Hata6896594_orig

All of Elisa Chang’s photos document aspects of Hawaii and the differences would be that some of them feel old and nostalgic, while some of them feel more contemporary.


In terms of framing, the comb sign creates a lateral line, while the light pole on the other side is vertical, framing the subject. The leading lines of the building draw the eyes directly towards her. Visually, there is a lot interesting about this photograph. The person she uses as her main focus is visually-striking, we see her hair in curls, while she is boxed by this comb. She is an protagonist, indifferent and going through the motions of life. It fits in with the theme of 808HAWAIIANHOLIDAY, as it shows life in the city of Honolulu, rather than an idealized version.