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Elisa Chang: Think, Pair, Share

Visual Thinking

Elisa Chang:  Think, Pair, Share
By Jordyn Saito and Fariha Kazi

In both photosets, there is a theme of honesty.  It’s candid, exactly what you see outside.  It’s so real that there is almost an element of discomfort or second hand embarrassment or humor.  I think it says a lot about the nature of people.  They’re unapologetically themselves and in a way it’s charming.

The photo we choose is visually compelling because of how the main character in the photograph is expressed. She looks like she is relaxing but in another point, it looks like she is angry. You can interpret her reactions differently and that’s what we find compelling. We notice that she is sitting in her chair with an umbrella and sunglasses to hide away from the sun. She is wearing a bathing suit.

I feel that this photo best represents the 808 Hawaiian Holiday.  This photoset really captures the aspects of hawaii that’s charming but not truly put together.  The parts of the island that don’t seem like they’re from the right decade.  The unique culture of Hawaii that is not necessarily “Hawaiian” or “American” or “modern”.  The building is out of place and you wonder what it even is.  It seems like it’s never been remodeled or even touch, it just stands there.


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