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Elisa Chang: Think, Pair, Share

Visual Thinking

Elisa Chang:  Think, Pair, Share
By Travis Moriki and Marshall Mamiya

The similarities for the both projects are it involves people on the streets, unaware of photo being taken, and they are all tourist. These photos were caught in action so it want staged. The differences are that one photographed unique buildings along with tourist. They both don’t have emotion attachments to the photos.  1274572_origScreen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.16.30 AMWhen we make a look at the photo, we first look at the dog. We look at the dog because it is an unusual color and patter for the skin. We don’t really see a pink dog with black spots on it. We next see the rain drops because it seemed like she was driving and took the picture through her windshield. There are spots of rain that cover the photo. We see the hat next because it is in the center of the image an since it is dark in the image, the white stands out. T1026025_orighe dog makes the photo unique because your eye catches that first. Then the rain drops add emotion to the photo because normally when it rains it becomes dark and gloomy. The white hat brightens up the photo since its in the center and it contrast with the weather.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.31.16 AMFrom the Huffington Post, all the images connect with each other because they all involve tourist. They all come from different places to have a vacation in hawaii. The images tell the story of people going to paradise and having a vacation. When we look closer, most of the poplin the images don’t look like they are enjoying their vacation. They seem more bored  and lazy



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