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Think, Pair, Share: Elisa Chang

Visual Thinking

Spend a few moments looking at Elisa Chang’s 808/Hawaiian Holiday photo series and at her images she has taken in Waikiki of tourists.   Compare and contrast these images with each other and answer the following questions in pairs.  Post your answers in a new posting with screen shots of the specific images you are referencing.  Use the MLA online photo citations for all photos featured in your analysis :

Last Name, First Name. Photograph Title. Year Created. Museum/Collection Name, City. Website Title. Medium. Date Accessed.

All citation information is available on her webpage for the 808-project.  The Huffington Post cover piece of her ongoing series of tourist photos were taken from her Instagram account.   Cite the artist’s work accordingly.

  1.  What are some conceptual or thematic similarities in each photo series?  What are some differences, conceptually or thematically?  Post and cite one image from each project that depict your observations.
  2. Select one image you find visually compelling.  Describe the compositional elements of the image, what do you notice first?  What do you notice next?  Then after that?  How do each of these visual elements interact or affect each other?
  3. As we continue to talk about the idea of the micro (small/individual piece)/macro (large-scale/groupings) relationship of still and moving images, how does one image connect with each of the other images in ONE project?  Describe one overarching/big picture narrative the images tell together.  In other words, what story do the images tell?  And how does that story/narrative change when you step closer and focus on just one image in the series? Choose another photograph from either photo series that best depicts your answer.

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