MPSA Media Arts

Media Art Certificate Techniques

2015-2016 Class


Name: Andrew Quakenbush

Certificate Level: 3

Medium: 3D Modeling

Most Prized Piece: I really like my model of the robot from Castle in the Sky. I haven’t finished it yet, but the pieces of it that are done are some of my best work. Once I finish the modeling then I will see about printing it and rigging the 3D model for animation purposes.

Inspiration: No artists have ever really inspired me much. I can appreciate their work but I am never motivated to follow them. I just like to look a a blank canvas and imagine new ideas to come up with my next project.

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Name: Bradley Sakaguchi

Certificate Level: 3

Art Medium: Animation

What is your most prized artwork you have made?

It’s hard to decide, it’s not like I’ve spent my whole life investing everything into my work. I still have a lot of work yet to do. Although my favorite medium to work on right now is 3D computer animation. By extension i would probably chose one of my newer 3D computer animation piece, for example my snake animation or my new trees.

IMG_1322Name: Fariha Kazi

Level: 2

Media: Photography and graphic design

My most prized artwork I have made is this photograph right here. I love this photograph and I admire the contrast and color with what’s going on.  The photo is the very essence of Hawaii and it reminds me of how people usually go around in. This area is very beautiful and I love the way the person in the photograph’s body language is.

Amber Mozo influenced my style, the way she captures pictures is very unique, she focuses on portraits but also adds in nature to make it look very pleasing.  I like the locations she picks but also the style of the photographs. Its very clear blue and I appreciate the way she has a style.


Name: Fumi
Level: 1
Medium: Photography

The project I’m proudest of is probably anything along my “Distortion Series.” I used an array of unusual materials (soap on glass, plastic bags, and so forth) to manipulate the texture and light refractions on my subjects’ faces to obstruct a perfect view of them.

I am inspired by many, many, many different photographers. An attempt to list them all would look something like this: Igor Pjörrt, Petra Collins, Philippe  Halsman, Bruno Barbey, David Harvey, Hu Yang, Maisie Cousins… But those are only a few. I am also inspired by artists of other mediums, such as painters and cinematographers.

2512254_origErika Monis — Grade 12
Certificate Level III
Photography & Animation

My favorite art piece that I have ever created was an image I made with photoshop for my photo project, Double Exposure.  I received a lot of great feedback from people as well as the online community; this was my first experience having my work exposed for everyone to see.  What made me love this piece was how simple it appeared but it still had it’s odd aspects to define itself.

Kyle Thompson is a photographer who inspired me to use photography in a more expressive and creative way.  I read about him and the story behind his photographic style and I could relate to him personally.  He uses this art to deeply express who he is because he has a difficulty with telling it in words; and I thought I needed some of that.

unnamed-1My art medium is film. My favorite art piece is the video I made when I traveled to Asia. I really love this piece because of the shots and the way it blends together. Another reason it is my favorite is because I feel all the different elements are very synchronized: like the shots, feelings, and song choice.

I have not had a very professional experience with film, I prefer experimental short films to scripted movies. My first inspiration in film was Amber Mozo; a girl a few years older than myself who documents her travels, life, friends, and experiences through short films. My second inspiration was Ryan Lewis; a part of the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis duo who would produce short episodes of their world tour. These videos were very candid and experimental with constant changing scenes and and music. Both of these people have left an impression on my film making and the things that I aspire to create. By looking at their works I have been inspired with different shots and angles and different ways to cut footage.

imageName: Kirsten Kau
Certificate Level: 1
Art Medium: Animation and digital illustration

My most prized artwork I have made is the robot I modeled and animated in MAYA, because it was the first thing I had ever created in MAYA. It took all my skill and knowledge. I was proud that I could take everything I learned and make something out of it.

The person that has had a big influence in my creative style is an artist named YUUMEI. Her work has taught me how to better compose digital illustrations to convey what I want to.

Name: Skylar Auyong
Certificate Level: 1
Art Medium: Cinematography

What is your most prized artwork you have made?  Tell us why.

My most prized art piece that I have made is a short film called  “Maskerino”. It’s a romantic comedy between a pigeon and a horse without containing any dialogue. This was my first piece that I entered into reframe and it had a very excellent reception, I hope to make more pieces similar to it because I enjoyed making it.

Who has been the big influence in your creative style? What lessons did that person teach you?

The biggest influence on my creative style is probably Mr.Faber because he encourages nearly everything I do, no matter how odd my ideas are. He often enjoys my work when others would be questioning why and what are they watching.  He has taught me nearly everything I’ve learned when it comes to film over the past three years. 

Name: Ben Roley
Certificate Level: 1
Art Medium: Film

My most prized artwork would have to be “Illiterally”. It was the first big film I made, and my first Reframe submission. My and Huey conceived the idea together, and he shot and I acted in it. What I like is that its all based around a simple thing, the misuse of the word “literally”. The joke was that every time a character said something “literally”, it literally happened. It was a big movie, the jokes were great, all my actors did well, and it brought home the Best Writing Award, which I’m very proud of.

My biggest influence, and the artist who got me into film, has been David Lynch. Before that, I thought the film was just a medium of filmed stories. After I saw “Twin Peaks” and “Mulholland Drive”, I realized that film is so much more. I realized that film is a unique medium that can combine audio and picture for a truly moving experience, almost transcendental. He wasn’t restricted by having linear story, an arc, or consistency, he used film to evoke emotion. After I realized this, I fell in love with film and watched hundreds of movies.

Level 2

Proudest Artwork Done

I’m proud of this film because I put a lot of effort into the audio production. It was the first video I got posted on a skate shop’s YouTube channel.  I learned from the mistakes I made in this skate film so I can make my current skate video better.

Who inspires me?

Animal House Reference –

This YouTube channel inspires me because I love the shot composition style they incorporate into their film. For example, in each trick the skater does there are multiple angles shown in the video.  I try to incorporate their composition style into my videos.

Name:  Nicole Johnston
Certificate level: 1

Art Medium: Photography and Film Production

What is your most prized artwork you have made? Why?

My most prized work is when I did my Kauai video for this class last semester. I worked really hard on the video. I put in a bunch of clips that I filmed while on Kauai. I went to Kauai with my best friend and created some of the best and most unforgettable memories. I felt like this video was one of memos accomplishing projects that I finished.

Who has been the biggest influence in your creative style? What lessons did that person teach you?

My digital art teachers have probably been the biggest influence in my creative style. Not only have they taught me the skills necessary to succeed in my classes but they have also given me inspiration for several of my projects. They taught me to think outside of the box and that its okay to go out of my comfort zone.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.24.19 AM

(Photo taken By Gabby Faaiuaso on set of Runaway)

Meet Jordyn

Medium: Film and Photography


Proudest piece?

My proudest piece is a short film I made over the summer titled “The Basement”.  It was my first psychological thriller piece.  This was my most challenging piece and my favorite product.  In this film, the main character finds herself locked in a basement with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She must find her way out of the labyrinth that is the basement, making sure not to lose herself in its darkness. Layla’s livelihood is threatened by an unexpected demon, one she cannot run or hide from.  Behind this film is the idea that we are our own worst nightmares.  This film is also personal to me, in that the symbolic message is close to my own experience.

Who or what influenced your personal style?

I think my style is the product of my environment.  I’m inspired by so many different things for each of my pieces and I’m not quite sure I have developed a certain “style”.  I would say my personal style is influenced most by myself and my own taste and inner journey.  It’s my first year taking photography and film classes although I have done film camps.  Before that, I had always been my own teacher.  

tumblr_nfbzmme6uK1rantbpo1_500Name: Audreen Hiram

Level: 3

Media: Graphic Design
The piece of art I’m most proud of, I suppose, would be a piece of art I made a year ago. The art piece is pixel art and not a medium I constantly use for my art. I’m most proud of this piece of art because it is, in simple terms, one of the most completed pieces of art that I have. It’s of my favorite My Little Pony character, Maud Pie, sitting in a jewel cave. The image has a fully completed background, I included proper shading, as well as the head of the pony in one of the focal points of the canvas. I did this project on Adobe Photoshop with my mouse, and it was something that was worth the time and effort to do.

There isn’t a specific person who has influenced my creative style. The people who influence and inspire me most would probably be my friends and people they also know. There isn’t one specific person that has influenced me to do what I do and helped me become who I am now. My friends and I all create art and push each other to draw and improve.

Name: Travis Moriki

Certificate Level: 3

Art Medium: photography

My most prized work is when i did my light project last semester with the slow shutter speed. I think it’s my most prized because it was one of my more successful works that i enjoyed photographing. It was one of my more challenging projects as well

My friend Elise had the most inspiration on my photographing work because she taught me how to gain inspiration from anything. She told me that you should photograph as much as you can because you will get a photo that looks great but was unintentional.

just bgKaylee 
Digital Art
Level 1

My most prized artwork is a digital painting that I completed over Summer Break of a forest scene. Over the break, I bought myself a digital painting program, with money that I had earned over time. Throughout the summer, I experimented with the different aspects of the programs, such as texture, brush settings and shading techniques. At the end of the break, I incorporated all of the different techniques I had learned into the forest scene painting. I added texture to the trees and I tried to set a calm atmosphere using warm colors, which was a technique I had learned over break.

My biggest inspiration is Mrs.Tamayose, who is my art teacher from only school, Hongwanji Mission School. Not only did she keep in motivated to keep on drawing, but she taught us good starting techniques as artist. She gave us easy to understand lessons on perspective, which is something I am currently working on adding to my projects. She also taught us about different color palettes and the basics of shading. I remember doing a painting of a wave, and when creating the piece, we used different shades of the same color. Now, I tend to use one or two colors, because I feel it gives my art work a better atmosphere.

Danni Ujimori

Certificate Level 1


What is your most prized artwork you have made?
I had done a project the previous year focusing on the tropical ocean fish that live on the reef near our famous beaches. Those of us who live on the islands sometimes forget how gifted we are simply because we see paradise everyday. This project that involved fishing for these tropical fish was a span over 3-4 weeks long AMD enduring a lot of sun burn. These photos of the fish on the line was mean not only for locals but also for people who don’t get a chance to experience something as breathtaking and colorful as these tropical fish.

Who has been the big influence in your creative style? What lessons did that person teach you?
The biggest influence on my creative style would have to be Sam Skinner and my father. Sam had the largest impact on my photography because the subject matter was inspired almost solely on him simply because his interests became mine when it was introduced to me. My father on the other hand is a licensed architect in the state of California and he took trips, line of them to Europe to learn the architecture and expand on his photography portfolio. Studying his photography inspired me to expand my photographic style.

Name: Koa San Luis

Certificate Level: Level 3

Art Medium: Film and Photography

What is your most prized artwork you have made? Tell us why.

The next one. Whatever is currently in development is always the most prized and protected. Usually after I finish a piece I step away and let the audience either taken possession of it or trash it, whatever they please to do.

Who has been the big influence in your creative style? What lessons did that person teach you?

I think that a mixture between Christopher Nolan (Inception, Interstellar, Dark Knight Trilogy) and Elon Musk (Tesla Motors entrepreneur) have affected me the most when it comes to creativity and work ethic. Both of these creators have the most polarizing styles in terms of art and creativity, and it’s always a joy to try and emulate their paths to success.

1479528_573452122725095_72095429_nName:  Michael Olderr
Certificate Level: 1
Art Medium: Film

What is your most prized artwork you have made?  Tell us why.

One of my most prized films so far was my first film I made in at this school I called time and time again. It was heavily influenced on the f
film La Jetée. This film was put together using only still photos. The film revolved around a curious young boy who has been followed by a mysterious man.

Who has been the big influence in your creative style? What lessons did that person teach you?

I think it would be either Gorge Lucas’s Star Wars or Monty Oum’s RWBY. Both have great films that have an underlying message of hope. I try to add the same feature in all of my films when I can. While making something entertaining and eyewatering in the process. Most of all they tell their own unique story.