+ Daily Art Prompts (2019-2020)

Art Journal
Daily art creation focusing on experimentation, technique building, and developing a purpose-driven mindset.

  • Experiment with old and new art techniques
  • Practice drawing
  • Have fun
  • Form of relaxation
  • Creativity through limitations (time, prompts, etc.)
  • Retain and inform the physical and formal elements of art making
  • Portfolio development (continued use throughout all levels of Digital Art and certificate classes) 

Digital Art Monthly Art Journal Prompts – ALL LEVELS

*Topics subject change.

MonthArt Journal Prompt
AugustPost Secret
Create a postcard that you would never send.
SeptemberAltered Photo
“Deface“/Re-purpose an image from a magazine or newspaper.
Create a wearable mask.
NovemberDaily Comic
Draw a short format comic (single or multi-panel) about what happened recently.
DecemberVisual Experiments
Choose random objects and create unique drawings with them or their shadows.
JanuaryVision Board
Create a vision board for 2020.
FebruaryExquisite Corpse
Create an original illustration from a random drawing.
Create a drawing for each of your family members on one craft stick.
Draw a metaphor that represents a current or long term state of mind (stress, obsessions, etc.)
Create a non-representational design.

Digital Art Certificate Studio Art Journal Prompts – All Levels

*Topics subject change.

MonthArt Journal Prompt
SeptemberPrayer Flags
OctoberShapes (Vormator Shape Creatures or Inktober)
NovemberEarth Art
DecemberMake Something For Someone
JanuaryExpanding Arms
FebruaryBody Scans
MarchEnvelope City
MayGroup Mandala