+ Daily Art Prompts (2019-2020)

Art Journal
Daily art creation focusing on experimentation, technique building, and developing a purpose-driven mindset.

  • Experiment with old and new art techniques
  • Practice drawing
  • Have fun
  • Form of relaxation
  • Creativity through limitations (time, prompts, etc.)
  • Retain and inform the physical and formal elements of art making
  • Portfolio development (continued use throughout all levels of Digital Art and certificate classes) 

Digital Art Monthly Art Journal Prompts – ALL LEVELS

*Topics subject change.

MonthArt Journal Prompt
AugustPost Secret
Create a postcard that you would never send.
SeptemberAltered Photo
“Deface“/Re-purpose an image from a magazine or newspaper.
Create a wearable mask.
NovemberDaily Comic
Draw a short format comic (single or multi-panel) about what happened recently.
Create pages that can be combined to create a zine using collage techniques. 
Draw a metaphor that represents a current or long term state of mind (stress, obsessions, etc.)
FebruaryBody Scans
Focus on certain parts of your body and draw disembodied parts in its current mental of physical state.
Create a drawing for each of your family members on one craft stick.
AprilExpanding Hug
Create a character with really long arms.
Create a non-representational design.

Digital Art Certificate Studio Art Journal Prompts – All Levels

*Topics subject change.

MonthArt Journal Prompt
SeptemberPrayer Flags
OctoberShapes (Vormator Shape Creatures or Inktober)
NovemberEarth Art
JanuaryNot Same Thing
MarchEnvelope City
MayGroup Mandala