Art Books – Student Portfolios

MAT Art Books

MAT Art Books document selected projects, project cycles, and/or body of work from each MPSA Certificate Year and are created on a regular basis by all Digital Media Art Certificate students.

Images featured in each MAT Art Book highlight notable finished piece(s), high quality renderings of any 3D, animated, film-base work, work-in-progress shots, sketches, drafts, written word, journal entries, etc.

Each MAT Art Book should feature a project or portfolio description that explains artistic, technical, and conceptual process.

Additional Requirements:

Original Title
Artist Name
Artist Bio
Artist Statement


Kaylee T. ’17 – Digital Art
Level 1, 2, 3


Jake A. ’16 – Film
Level 1 and 2

Matt T. ’16 – 3D Graphic Arts
Level 1

Skylar S. ’18 – 3D Graphics, Game Design, VR, Digital Art
Level 1

Dani U. ’16 – Photo
Level 1